About Africa Network for Information Ethics, ANIE

The Africa Network of Information Ethics (ANIE) is a Network of LIS National and International Organisations and individual professionals concerned with development, teaching and practicing information ethics in Africa. It was established in 2007 Pretoria. ANIE held its last Conference in Gabarone, Botswana, 2011. The Information Ethics Research Workshop was the third International meeting dedicated to Information Ethics (IE). It was hosted by the Department of Library and information Science, University of Pretoria from 4th-5th July 2011.

This workshop was attended by Information Ethics experts from Botswana, Uganda, UNESCO, Venezuela and the Republic of South Africa. Prof. Kigongo-Bukenya from EASLIS, Makerere University (Uganda) attended the workshop. Its purpose was to design an Information Ethics Curriculum for Africa.

Papers presented included: Information Ethics-Objectives towards curriculum development by Prof. Rafael Capurro, which stressed interdisciplinary thinking, African context and framework, multi-cultural framework, content positioning and focus of content. Another paper entitled Curriculum Development in Africa was presented by the TT-Directorate of Curriculum Development and focused on most recent research on curriculum development, guidelines, methodology and practical steps.

Four groups were formed and tasked participants to discuss and resolve designated issues. Group 1 facilitated by Prof. Johannes Blitz, discussed Information Ethics curriculum - objectives, structure and content; Group 2 facilitated by Prof. Mutula, discussed Information Ethics curriculum - study materials and research topics; Group 3 facilitated by Dr. Lawton Hirwa, discussed Information Ethics curriculum – orientation of lecturers and recruitment of students; and Group 4 facilitated by Prof. Isaac Kigongo-Bukenya, discussed Information Ethics – examination.

Plenary Session
A plenary session received, discussed and made resolutions, which are to be disseminated to all stakeholders in Africa for implementation.

Prof. Isaac Kigongo-Bukenya

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