Curriculum Development workshop - PAUISTI Programs.


By: Grace.N.Senoga

PAUISTI is a private Pan African University, Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation. It started as an initiative by the head of states (President Mugabe). Universities that showed interest automatically qualified but institutes were supposed to write proposals relating to issues in their region across Africa. The east African headquarters are in Jomo Kenyatta University. Dr. John Ngubiri gave an overview of the project and the aim of the workshop which was to fine tune the curriculum for the Makerere University center.”

Some of the benefits the college will achieve from this program are; international recognition full sponsorships, extra income for the lecturers and much more. Assoc. Prof. Constant Obura also added that the research base will increase and there will be higher chances of collaboration with other universities. He also commended the task force of this program for their good spirit and hard work even with the little facilitation. He said despite the limited resources and the suspension of new programs in the university the college is much willing to ensure that the center is put up.

Dr. Engineer Bianomugisha explained the proposed curriculum for Masters of Science in Data science and Engineering. The justification for this course is “the growing demands of data Scientists and Engineers because individuals and organizations are continuously producing vast amounts of real-time heterogeneous data i.e. ‘Big data.’” The target group for this course is graduates for computing and related fields. He also suggested that they would like to put some course units besides research in year2 mainly to keep the students around campus and finish their dissertations promptly.

Dr. Joseph Semwogerere presented the proposed curriculum for Masters in E-Governance. The justification is “The highly networked world of today presents many challenges related to the effective use and management of ICTs for efficiency.” The target group is candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Information Technology, Public Management, and Law or related field whose governments are currently building e-Government capability.

Dr. Ngubiri presented the curriculum for Masters of Science in Knowledge Management. The target group is students with a social sciences background and this program will foster African growth. He mentioned that Africans are creative where the knowledge management and retention systems are good but the local structures don’t favor continuity leading to loss of potential thus a big need for local capacity development.

Participants then shared ideas about the course names, codes, content and relevance of the different course units. Dr. Ngubiri emphasized that the credit transfer for students with post graduate diplomas will be implemented for the similar course units. He also suggested that the generic courses should be taught in year 2 when the student has already selected their area of research. The principle suggested that 75% of the programs content should be new such that the courses can go through without much bias. Dr. Kiyingi acting Dean of EASLIS acknowledged all the participants for their time and priceless contribution towards this good cause.




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