Diploma in Records and Archives Management


The objective of the programme is to provide foundation education and training for candidates who are seeking to enter the Records Management, Information/Documentation and Archives management professional and equip them with knowledge and skill to be able to meet the challenges in the dynamics of the working environment

The programme has the following specific objectives:

  • To educate and train students in Archives and Records management field;
  • To equip students with knowledge and skills in managing different types of Information institutions, in particular Records Center, Archives, Documentation and Information Centers;
  • To equip students with sufficient skills to cater for staffing needs of the registries at Government ministries, institutions, Non governmental, and private organizations in and outside Uganda;
  • To provide foundation education and training for candidates who are seeking to enter the profession of Records Officers, Archivists, Documentalists and Information Officers.

Studies and examinations for the Diploma in Library and Information Studies are governed by the general regulations and statutes of Makerere University, and in addition, by the regulations of the East African School of Library and Information Science.

Programme Duration
The programme lasts two years, each year consisting of two semesters. Each semester is seventeen weeks (17), whereby Fifteen weeks (15) are for teaching followed by two weeks of examinations.

Courses offered
All DRAM course are compulsory. A compulsory course is one, which must be registered for and passed by a student to obtain a Diploma.

Programme Structure

Year I: Semester 1 CU
DRA 1101 Foundations of Records management 3
DRA 1102 Office management and practice 3
DRA 1103 Information Technology 3
DRA 1104 Paleography & Oral History 3
DRA 1105 Records Organisation and Processing 3
Year 1: Semester II  
DRA 1201 Paper making and printing 3
DRA 1202 Management of Financial records 3
DRA 1203 Legal and policy aspects of records work 3
DRA 1204 Archival management 3
DRA 1205 Document work and Information services 3
Year 1I: Semester I  
DRA 2101 Store keeping and materials management 3
DRA 2102 Preservation and Conservation 3
DRA 2103 Analysis of Records management systems 3
DRA 2104 Management of Electronic Records 3
DRA 2105 Database management systems 3
Year 1I: Semester II  
DRA 2201 Computerized Records management systems 3
DRA 2202 Museology 3
DRA 2203 Reprographic services 3
DRA 2204 Organisation theory and management 3
DRA 2205 Research Project (Internship) 5


After satisfactory completion of the programme, the candidate is awarded a Diploma in Records and Archives management (DRAM) of Makerere University.

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