Bachelor of Records and Archives Management (BRAM)

The East African School of Library and Information Science was set up in 1963 as a regional institution for training of Library and Information Science personnel by agreement of the Government of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The School is a fully-fledged teaching department of Makerere University. Library and Information Science is a service-oriented discipline that […]

Bachelors of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

Library and Information Science (LIS) is a discipline that aims at training information professionals to serve different stakeholders for development. LIS is considered as a cross cutting discipline in humanities, sciences and technology. In Uganda, training in LIS started in 1963 when the East African School of Librarianship (EASL) now East African School of Library […]

Masters of Science in Information Science

Information is a key resource for individual, organizational, national and international development. It must therefore be generated, processed, stored, and disseminated. However, because it is a non-dynamic resource, the above activities cannot happen by themselves. Therefore, there must exist a body of information professionals with extensive theory (knowledge) and training (competencies and skills) in order […]

PhD in Information Science

Highly educated and specialized information Scientists are critical for the generation of information/knowledge to facilitate better understanding of information society and the designing of appropriate policies.   In contemporary societies, the most highly educated and specialized Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals are those who have studied and acquired the PhD degrees.  Such Information Science Professionals […]