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Highly educated and specialized information Scientists are critical for the generation of information/knowledge to facilitate better understanding of information society and the designing of appropriate policies.   In contemporary societies, the most highly educated and specialized Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals are those who have studied and acquired the PhD degrees.  Such Information Science Professionals who additionally have published and acquired experience in their respective fields of specialization have become the primary information policy advisers in their countries.

Uganda is in short supply of such professionals.

EASLIS introduced the PhD Programme in 2004.  Since then there have been changes in the Library and Information Sector requiring new competences, knowledge and skills.

The Uganda Library and Information work force planning project, conducted in 2006 established that EASLIS clients demanded that on top of PhD programme by coursework and dissertation, there should be also a Ph.D programme by research only.

Plans (pathways)

The PhD in Information Science PhD. (Infor. Sc.) Programme will be a study by course work and dissertation; and by research only (thesis).   The programme will take a period of three academic years comprising of six semesters. There will be a Coursework and Dissertation (Plan A) or Research only (thesis – Plan B).

Plan A: Coursework and Dissertation

A student on Plan A must accumulate 23 credit units worth of coursework during the first two semesters and must submit a dissertation as a partial fulfillment that shall carry 10 credit units. The title of the dissertation shall appear on the transcript.

Plan B: Research only (thesis)

A student on Plan B will devote the first year on developing and defending the research proposal.  The remaining two years will be for field work/data collection, thesis writing and defense.  The title of the thesis shall appear on the transcript.

Audit Courses

It may be necessary for candidates on the advice of the supervisors to audit certain courses in order to strengthen their capacity for research in Information Science.   Credits shall not be awarded to such courses.

Programme goal and objectives

Programme Goal

 Intensively enhance the competencies of information professionals and researchers for meeting society development needs.

The PhD Programme has been revised with the following objectives

  1. To satisfy the growing demand for new competences, knowledge and skills in the LIS sector.
  2. To cater for the demand of clients interested in PhD by research only.
  3. To produce scholars who can effectively carry out research, publish; possess wide and deep knowledge and understanding of issues in the Information Science Profession.