Knowledge Management Research Group


To establish an effective way of managing information for management and administrative purposes in Uganda bearing in mind the fact that: availability of quality information is a critical resource in management and administration of institutions; the information industry is characterized by numerous factors that include information over production, information scatter, high rate of obsolescence, timeliness, institutional restrictions, among others; a wide range of new stock of information and communication technologies are regularly in the offing.


  • Identify the different types of information systems and services that can be used to support quality decision making by managers and administrators in Uganda.
  • Examine the degree to which the different barriers in access to information in Uganda impact on the smooth flow of data and information.
  • Examine the strategies that can be used to overcome the effect of barriers in access to information by managers and administrators in the country.

Expected Outcomes 

  • Policy makers in Uganda will become more informed of the characteristics of the information resource and its influence on quality decision making.
  • Information systems in the country will be able to offer improved information service
  • Information workers in Uganda will become more knowledgeable of the trends in the management of information systems and services.


Anybody with a graduate qualification in information service, information management and information technology


  • Writing papers on knowledge management, information literacy, modern information systems for presentation at workshops, conferences as well as scholarly journals.
  • Designing prototypes to demonstrate modern ways of managing information using ICTs.

Special Events

Seminar during the month of March 2012
Group Leader
James Matovu (PhD)

Key Researchers

Eunice Ssendikaddiwa (PhD)
Joyce Muwanguzi


Justin Kidaaga
Lois Mutibwa
Ezeria Kulisoma
Nina Oliva
Ms. Nina Olivia
Mr. Joshua Kidaaga
Ms. Joyce Mutiibwa
Ms. Joyce Bukirwa
Dr. Constant Okello-Obura